Provide patients access to clinical studies from the comfort of their home.

By joining Lightship you can:
  • Take an active role in bringing new treatment options to patients
  • Create or enhance current research income without worrying about
  • Reach and help new patients, in addition to the patients in your current practice
  • Conduct research using cutting edge technology and centralized support

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Lightship is a technology-enabled research organization. We have pioneered novel methods of direct patient recruitment and screening to ensure appropriate patients are included in clinical research studies.

Lightship breaks down geographic barriers, allowing physicians and patients to engage in clinical research from anywhere by bringing together telemedicine, homecare, and highly trained study staff to make clinical research accessible to the 94% of people who cannot currently access studies. Our centralized support will enable direct shipment of study supplies and investigational medicinal products to patient’s home in one platform while allowing direct oversight of the study staff.

What We Do

We partner with biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to design and conduct clinical research that brings studies to patients at home. We operate as a decentralized site that enables direct-to-patient study conduct. Using this approach, physician investigators are able to engage with more research patients through our technology platform, which includes telemedicine, while continuing to maintain their existing practices and research. Physician investigators are supported by centralized study personnel, who plan, organize, and manage study visits and interactions with patients, regulatory documents, and IRB submission. In addition, Lightship research nurses conduct home visits with the patients when needed.

You could be part of the next medical breakthrough.

What Drives Us

At Lightship, we take pride in building strong partnerships. Working together with physicians, we apply a decentralized approach to taking care of research patients safely and conducting direct-to-patient research. This allows us to always deliver a positive patient experience, reduce study completion times, and engage a more diverse patient population. Great partnerships enable us to keep the promises we make and deliver results.

Together, we will bring life-saving medicines to new populations. Together, we will get safe therapies approved faster. And together, we will create the future of clinical research.

Lightship Team Combined Experience

Lightship combines the cross-disciplinary expertise required to address the biggest pain points in clinical research design and execution today.

Our teams broad therapeutic experience includes, but is not limited to: Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, Immunology, Pulmonology, and more.

Clinical Research Site Experience
Working at Pharmaceutical Firms
Contract Research Outsourcing
Executing Direct-To-Patient Studies

Our Team

Kathy Nguyen, PA-C
Vice President, Clinical Operations and Delivery (US)

Kristen Croucher
Vice President, Clinical Operations and Delivery (Europe)

Rodrigo Torres
Vice President, Clinical Operations and Delivery (APAC)


Join Our Investigator Network

We’re looking for physician investigators who are:

  • Interested in expanding patient access to clinical research
  • Licensed MD or DO
  • Experienced as an Investigator on 5 pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trials
  • Experienced in managing patients through homecare and/or telemedicine preferred

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